There are many free mmorpgs, most of which are not worth a mention and are quickly forgotten except by their fans. There are a few exceptions to this, however, most notably Runescape. Runescape’s graphics are dated. A few newer games like Fly for Fun require the user to download client software, but closely mirror the experience of games like World of Warcraft or City of Heroes.

These games often have little to distinguish them from one another. Sword of the New World sets itself outside of a medieval time period, and there is one offering that stands out for one thing it allows all character’s to do. In Aeonsoft’s appropriately named Fly for Fun, player may purchase a flying board or a broomstick that allows the character to fly.

Basic Game Play of Fly for Fun

The mechanics of Aeonsoft’s free mmorpg are the same as the mechanics of many other mmorpgs. All characters will have to learn aggro control, the assist class replaces the role of the cleric or priest in the American fantasy games, and the mage remains the same. These classes are expanded into larger variants later, but all Fly for Fun characters start out as vagabonds for the first few levels of their career.

Although Fly for Fun is a free mmorpg, the cartoon style graphics of the game are near commercial quality, and in some cases are better than the graphics commercial online games such as Ultima Online or Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

As with many online games, the company responsible has found a way of making some money from it. Players can purchase useful items with real world money. This differs from Runescape, where to experience all areas of the game a player must pay for a membership.

Flaws in Fly for Fun

Game play is fast and the user interface is reminiscent of that of the Amiga OS, but while the early levels go by fairly quickly, fighting low level monsters takes a long time in Fly for Fun. The repeated sound that accompanies the quick weapon swings annoy the user. The music, while not great, is acceptable.

The controls of Fly for Fun, like many of its Korean competitors, need a great deal of work to make the game to navigate, but the people of Aeonsoft have done a good job for a game that they let poeople play without cost.

Many of the free Korean online games lack trade skills. Instead, players can go to NPCs with required items and have the npcs make these items for them. Fly for Fun is a downloadable and worthwhile diversion of an mmorpg and despite its flaws has a quirky charm all of its own.

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