Anyone who has played online games since the dial-in bulletin board systems that dominated the late 80s and early 90s knows what door games are. Some of the most popular door games still invoke fond memories for many Generation X computer users. What these users may not know is that one of the most popular door games, Tradewars is available online.

Younger gamers may be unimpressed with the text based game and the occasional ANSI graphics splattered throughout. The movies that can be viewed in the spaceport were far from state of the art, although they were an interesting idea when ANSI graphics were all that were available than door games. For those who love nostalgic strategies or just liked the Tradewars door game, they can now play the door game as a free web browser game online.

The Basics of the Free Web Browser Game, Tradewars

Because Tradewars was designed to be played as a door game over a BBS connection, little to no modification was required when it went to the web. When the player enters the Tradewars galaxy, galaxy he is given a ship and and a small of amount of credits which allow him to purchase cargo. A player can make his living trading, as a Federation officer, or navigate his way through the shadowy underworld.

However important interstellar combat might be to this door game turned free web browser game, the name of this door game turned web browser offering itself suggests that buying and selling goods will be how your character makes his living. If a player manages to become a successful business man in Tradewars, he can start his own colony to give him a military base on which to conduct his operations military and commercial against the other players of the game.

Where Can Tradewars Be Played as a Browser Game?

There are a number of free sites that let you play the original version of the door game overa Telnet connection. The most popular such site that lets users play this nostalgic door game and now a free web browser game is the Ice 9 server, whose web site can be found here.

Tradewars may not be as impressive as some of the larger and newer mmorpgs, such as Eve Online, Ikariam, or even the basic Armada Online but it is an excellent way to spend a few minutes each day reliving the glory days of the community BBSs and feels nostalgic for some of the more popular door games should check it out.

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