Pottery may not be one of the most desirable skills in Everquest, nor will it be one a character takes up thinking that pottery can net a large amount of platinum.

Vases from the Ming Dynasty that sell for several thousand platinum in the bazaar do not exist on Norrath, Luclin, or on the planes surrounding the world.

The pottery skill can be one of the cheapest trade skills for an Everquest player to raise to the maximum level. With a decent charisma score, it is possible for a player to raise his character’s pottery to a skill level of 300 with a little less than 300 platinum pieces. For those looking for a good guide on how to do this, check out Kuri’s Guide to Mastering Pottery for 300 platinum on EQ Traders.

Raising the Pottery Skill Quickly

Many of the items made by the pottery skill are used by bakers in their attempt to bring goodies with dubious ingredients to the denizens of Everquest. Making pottery is a two-step process, the rough item is made from a sketch, the materials, and some clay and the almost finished product is then placed in a kiln with a firing sheet.

When gaining pottery skill-ups, the best thing to do is to make the products until they become trivial and not bother with the kiln. Firing sheets only cost the character who is learning pottery money and the finished product becomes trivial before the rough product made from clay. A character should nly use the firing sheets when an item made from pottery is needed or can be sold to another player.

The pottery progression in Everquest is skewers, ceramic lines, small bowls and then pie tins. This should take the skill level of a character to slightly below 100. A player raising his pottery skill can destroy his creations, bake things with the finished products, or sell bowls, skewers, and pie tins to a vendor.

No Profit from Pottery

Sony Online Entertainment’s stance on trade skills has been that trade skills do not exist to make money when sold back to vendors. A few items made using the pottery skill did sell back to Everquest vendors for a profit, but that is no longer the case. Items can be sold back to vendors to save space while skilling up and regain some of the cost, but an Everquest character should expect to lose money on pottery.

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