Everquest Pottery Guide: A Quick Primer for the Beginner in this EQ Trade Skill

Pottery may not be one of the most desirable skills in Everquest, nor will it be one a character takes up thinking that pottery can net a large amount of platinum.

Vases from the Ming Dynasty that sell for several thousand platinum in the bazaar do not exist on Norrath, Luclin, or on the planes surrounding the world.

The pottery skill can be one of the cheapest trade skills for an Everquest player to raise to the maximum level. With a decent charisma score, it is possible for a player to raise his character’s pottery to a skill level of 300 with a little less than 300 platinum pieces. For those looking for a good guide on how to do this, check out Kuri’s Guide to Mastering Pottery for 300 platinum on EQ Traders.

Raising the Pottery Skill Quickly

Many of the items made by the pottery skill are used by bakers in their attempt to bring goodies with dubious ingredients to the denizens of Everquest. Making pottery is a two-step process, the rough item is made from a sketch, the materials, and some clay and the almost finished product is then placed in a kiln with a firing sheet.

When gaining pottery skill-ups, the best thing to do is to make the products until they become trivial and not bother with the kiln. Firing sheets only cost the character who is learning pottery money and the finished product becomes trivial before the rough product made from clay. A character should nly use the firing sheets when an item made from pottery is needed or can be sold to another player.

The pottery progression in Everquest is skewers, ceramic lines, small bowls and then pie tins. This should take the skill level of a character to slightly below 100. A player raising his pottery skill can destroy his creations, bake things with the finished products, or sell bowls, skewers, and pie tins to a vendor.

No Profit from Pottery

Sony Online Entertainment’s stance on trade skills has been that trade skills do not exist to make money when sold back to vendors. A few items made using the pottery skill did sell back to Everquest vendors for a profit, but that is no longer the case. Items can be sold back to vendors to save space while skilling up and regain some of the cost, but an Everquest character should expect to lose money on pottery.

The BBS Classic Tradewars: The Popular Trading Strategy Game is Available for Play on the Web

Anyone who has played online games since the dial-in bulletin board systems that dominated the late 80s and early 90s knows what door games are. Some of the most popular door games still invoke fond memories for many Generation X computer users. What these users may not know is that one of the most popular door games, Tradewars is available online.

Younger gamers may be unimpressed with the text based game and the occasional ANSI graphics splattered throughout. The movies that can be viewed in the spaceport were far from state of the art, although they were an interesting idea when ANSI graphics were all that were available than door games. For those who love nostalgic strategies or just liked the Tradewars door game, they can now play the door game as a free web browser game online.

The Basics of the Free Web Browser Game, Tradewars

Because Tradewars was designed to be played as a door game over a BBS connection, little to no modification was required when it went to the web. When the player enters the Tradewars galaxy, galaxy he is given a ship and and a small of amount of credits which allow him to purchase cargo. A player can make his living trading, as a Federation officer, or navigate his way through the shadowy underworld.

However important interstellar combat might be to this door game turned free web browser game, the name of this door game turned web browser offering itself suggests that buying and selling goods will be how your character makes his living. If a player manages to become a successful business man in Tradewars, he can start his own colony to give him a military base on which to conduct his operations military and commercial against the other players of the game.

Where Can Tradewars Be Played as a Browser Game?

There are a number of free sites that let you play the original version of the door game overa Telnet connection. The most popular such site that lets users play this nostalgic door game and now a free web browser game is the Ice 9 server, whose web site can be found here.

Tradewars may not be as impressive as some of the larger and newer mmorpgs, such as Eve Online, Ikariam, or even the basic Armada Online but it is an excellent way to spend a few minutes each day reliving the glory days of the community BBSs and feels nostalgic for some of the more popular door games should check it out.

Second Life: Media Phenomenon: Does the Creation of Linden Labs live up to the Hype?

Second Life is a media phenomenon, but it is hard to understand why. It is not that Linden Labs has not done a good job creating a version of an online game that everyone can play for free, it is just that there are other online games that have essentially the same them, although they do have to pay for those. (The Sims Online is probably the best known one.)

Second Life should not be grouped with other online games like Everquest, World of Warcraft, or City of Heroes. Leveling and combat are not part of the average players experience in the world created by Linden Labs. It aims more to be exactly what the title suggests it is, a second life for its players.

The Open Source Nature of Second Life

One of the appeals of the Second Life client is that a technically savvy player can code his own rooms and add them to the game. Then the person can charge a small fee in the game to let other players access his creation if he chooses to do so. The problem with the open source nature of the game is apparent the minute you try to load Second Life. Even after the first time when most other games will cache the most commonly needed files temporarily on your hard drive, Second Life can take minutes to load a single scene, even if the users graphic cards are up to date.

Linden Labs Media Phenomenon

When a player first steps in to the town of Linden, it is hard to see why this game has gotten the media attention that it has, until the first Quick Time videos play on the users screen. The Quick Time videos may not be all that good but then it dawn on the new player that these videos can be used for anything. Companies quickly caught onto this notion and started using the videos and other billboards within the game to advertise their products. They also quickly realized something else, unique to the online world of advertising. Putting their signs in highly trafficked areas of Second Life did not necessarily result in more business or that their ads would get viewed. They realized people had to be interested in the products that they offered.

Second Life as a Visual Chat Room

Second Life is more of a chat room with a visual interface than it is in the game, and this social aspect is managed by groups which includes one island in the game where only people with Asperger’s Syndrome can live.

One more thing about Second Life should be mentioned. People make real money in the game. No one makes enough to make a living off of it to my knowledge with a conversion ration of $10 Linden dollars to one dollar US, but a few of the players had made a small profit running virtual shops. Although Second Life is free to play and has sparked an unusual interest by the media, in order to own property in this fictional town, a player must sign up for a premium account.

Aeonsoft’s Free MMORPG Fly for Fun: Characters Can Take Flight in this Korean Made Online Game

There are many free mmorpgs, most of which are not worth a mention and are quickly forgotten except by their fans. There are a few exceptions to this, however, most notably Runescape. Runescape’s graphics are dated. A few newer games like Fly for Fun require the user to download client software, but closely mirror the experience of games like World of Warcraft or City of Heroes.

These games often have little to distinguish them from one another. Sword of the New World sets itself outside of a medieval time period, and there is one offering that stands out for one thing it allows all character’s to do. In Aeonsoft’s appropriately named Fly for Fun, player may purchase a flying board or a broomstick that allows the character to fly.

Basic Game Play of Fly for Fun

The mechanics of Aeonsoft’s free mmorpg are the same as the mechanics of many other mmorpgs. All characters will have to learn aggro control, the assist class replaces the role of the cleric or priest in the American fantasy games, and the mage remains the same. These classes are expanded into larger variants later, but all Fly for Fun characters start out as vagabonds for the first few levels of their career.

Although Fly for Fun is a free mmorpg, the cartoon style graphics of the game are near commercial quality, and in some cases are better than the graphics commercial online games such as Ultima Online or Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

As with many online games, the company responsible has found a way of making some money from it. Players can purchase useful items with real world money. This differs from Runescape, where to experience all areas of the game a player must pay for a membership.

Flaws in Fly for Fun

Game play is fast and the user interface is reminiscent of that of the Amiga OS, but while the early levels go by fairly quickly, fighting low level monsters takes a long time in Fly for Fun. The repeated sound that accompanies the quick weapon swings annoy the user. The music, while not great, is acceptable.

The controls of Fly for Fun, like many of its Korean competitors, need a great deal of work to make the game to navigate, but the people of Aeonsoft have done a good job for a game that they let poeople play without cost.

Many of the free Korean online games lack trade skills. Instead, players can go to NPCs with required items and have the npcs make these items for them. Fly for Fun is a downloadable and worthwhile diversion of an mmorpg and despite its flaws has a quirky charm all of its own.


Everquest Jewelcrafting Guide: How A Beginner Can Get to 150+ Skill Making Jewelry in EQ

Everquest makes many trade skills

available to players. Some of these trade skills are more useful

than others, but one trade skill that can makes items useful to every

player is jewelcrafting. The jewelcrafting skill can be expensive

and difficult to raise, but produces a variety of stat-boosting and

resistance items.An Everquest character who wants to

start a jewelcrafting career needs a jewel kit and a supply of metal

bars. It helps if the character has access to an enchanter who can

produce the enchanted metals necessary to make magical jewelry with

the skill.

Everquest makes many trade skills available to players. Some of these trade skills are more useful than others, but one trade skill that can makes items useful to every player is jewelcrafting. The jewelcrafting skill can be expensive and difficult to raise, but produces a variety of stat-boosting and resistance items.

An Everquest character who wants to start a jewelcrafting career needs a jewel kit and a supply of metal bars. It helps if the character has access to an enchanter who can produce the enchanted metals necessary to make magical jewelry with the skill.

Raising Jewelcrafting in Everquest

Trade skills in Everquest follow the same basic pattern. The ingredients must be combined in a container for the appropriate trade skill. Jewelcrafting makes it easier because the jeweler’s kit required can be carried in the player’s inventory slots. This feature means that a player does not have to level jewelcrafting in a city.

The pattern is to raise jewelcrafting a jewel + enchanted metal + (optional) other ingredients for higher level recipes. Silver jewelry is the easiest to produce with the jewelcrafting skill and the difficulty for the jewelry increase to electrum, gold, and then platinum. According to Allakhazam’s Everquest section, platinum jewelry is never trivial.

Getting to a 170 or Higher Skill in Jewelcrafting

The following list is adapted from the guide on the Allakhazam website. More detailed lists and the materials needed to make jewelry can be found on EQ Traders.

  • 0-21: Silver Cat’s Eye Agate
  • 22-26: Silver Bloodstone
  • 26-31: Silver Carnelian
  • 31-40: Silver Jade
  • 41-48: Silver Emerald
  • 49-76: Electrum Lapis Lazuli
  • 77-84: Electrum Cat’s Eye Agate
  • 85-95: Electrum Carnelian
  • 96-108: Electrum Pearl
  • 109-115: Electrum Peridot
  • 116-120: Electrum Opal
  • 121-146: Gold Malachite
  • 147-156: Gold Cat’s Eye Agate
  • 157-167: Gold Carnelian
  • 168-178: Gold Jade

Making Magical Jewelry with Jewelcrafting

The jewelcrafting items that tend to be in highest demand amongst placers are items that boost resistances, but when trying to raise this skill in Everquest, getting the metals enchanted is usually a wasted effort. Demand for the items that can be produced at the lowest skill levels is low and enchanting does not raise the value of the item when sold back to a vendor. An Everquest character should expect to spend several thousand platinum if he intends to raise this skill to its maximum level.